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Conference halls

Rooms of negotiations in the hotel are designed for closed negotiations and meetings with a small number of participants. In essence, they are a simplified version of the conference room. The basic requirements for solutions for equipping meeting rooms are ease of operation and information security.

Minimum room for negotiations in the hotel should be equipped with the following multimedia systems:

  • Video projection system is represented by various kinds of projection equipment (video projectors, monitors). The video projector receives the video signal from the source and generates the corresponding picture on the projection screen.
  • The sound system is necessary for broadcasting the sound during the demonstration of video materials.

Both systems are integrated into a single complex and managed using a convenient management system interface.

Meeting room equipment must necessarily include modern means of protection against information leakage.

Background sound  is a must-have attribute of the atmosphere of comfort and coziness in the hotel. After subtly influencing a person, music can create a mood and sense of security. At the subconscious level, an emotional connection is formed, and one wants to return to this hotel again and again. In different areas of the hotel (restaurants, bars, lobbies, halls, gyms, SPA-centers, etc.), various audio content is broadcast – light background or more dynamic music. The design of sound systems takes into account the acoustic and architectural features of the premises.

Quality criteria for the sound system:

  • the uniformity of sound coverage (the correct calculation of the number of zones and placement of loudspeakers, depending on the area and purpose of the room),
  • the optimal level of sound volume (visitors should hear not only advertising and music, but also the interlocutor),
  • sound quality (high sound quality allows visitors to communicate freely even with an overstated volume level).

The following sound equipment is used in the sound system:

  • acoustic systems (ceiling, wall, suspended),
  • power amplifiers (mixing, broadcast),
  • Source of the signal (DVD player, CD player, etc.),
  • sound processors.

Background sound must comply with the requirements for professional-grade equipment, with the possibility of modification and expansion.

Найкращі технічні рішення для готельного бізнесу


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