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Interactive hotel TV

Interactive hotel television allows you to quickly and comprehensively familiarize the guest with the hotel’s services (bars, restaurants, gyms, spa, etc.), make an order in the room, as well as access to Internet resources, TV channels and videos that there are video hotel hotels.

The user interface for the hotel system is developed individually for each hotel, it is intuitive and does not require training. Access to the hotel television system is possible from the TV screen or by personal mobile guest devices.

The system of hotel interactive television is integrated with the existing hotel PMS (Property Management System). The cost of all services ordered by the customer is automatically counted by the billing system in the account, the state of which the client can check at any time. Management of the system of interactive television, its updating is carried out remotely.

Interactive television today is an integral part of a modern hotel service. The guest has the opportunity to get acquainted with hotel services and make an order without leaving the room that provides him with maximum comfort, which in turn creates a positive image of the hotel, as well as increases its profitability through the unobtrusive but effective promotion of hotel services.


Eclipse Connected – is an absolute new type of television system, which became possible after the emergence of a new generation of TB. Eclipse Connected is developed by Locatel. One of the biggest benefits of Eclipse Connected over standard TB systems is the ability to work directly from the TV, without the need to purchase additional external equipment. This makes Eclipse Connected very effective and fast payback.

Eclipse Connected works directly with the TV and is compatible with both IP networks and coaxial cable networks. Eclipse Connected works directly from the TV by contacting the server where the information is stored.

The Eclipse Connected system has built-in content management that makes changing information and system design. The program uses the same principles as in standard web design programs.

Content Management System Eclipse Connected allows you to simply edit content, add promotional banners and the necessary information. To optimize the workflow, the system supports the function of scheduled publications.

The Eclipse Connected interactive television system is a simple and effective way to market hotel services and services, as well as earn revenue through the sale of advertising space.

Your hotel will have its own individual profile: you can choose from a variety of color themes, and the logo will be on the interface. Moreover, it is possible to fully customize the system in accordance with the requirements of the hotel due to the choice of which services and information to display.

Information and services in Eclipse Connected:

  • Hotel Information
  • Place for advertising
  • Guest Messages
  • Ability to view your account
  • Alarm
  • Weather
  • RSS feed for news
  • TV program
  • A handy list of TV channels
  • Ability to earn paid TV channels for sale

LOCATEL – a leading European integrator of interactive multimedia solutions for hotels and medical centers, serving more than 400,000 rooms. The company was founded in 1962 and directly present in France, Italy, Scandinavia, Germany, Morocco, Singapore, OAU, and through 39 partners – even in 59 countries. Locatel has installed IPTV interactive systems in more than 120,000 rooms, of which 40,000 – with HD content.

The Otrum Enterprise system is designed with a vision for the future and meets the demands of the most demanding owners and guests of the hotel.

On the TV screen, you can now view not only TV channels, movies and hotel information, but also add news feeds, weather information, airport information, etc.

The corporate style of the on-screen menu can be extended to all rooms in the hotel or the entire network. You can create a unique style for groups of rooms to select thematic or VIP rooms. An intuitive user interface facilitates navigation and allows any guest to feel comfortably. Making promotional campaigns and placing special offers even easier. The ability to collect and analyze statistics gives the manager of the hotel a convenient tool for improving the effectiveness of campaigns.

System functions:

  • CHANNEL SORTING – the ability to adapt the list of channels to the guest language
  • CHILD LOCK – Child Content Access Protection
  • CITY INFO – information about city sights, transport, etc.
  • DASHBOARD – a simple and clear toolbar with icons makes navigation safer
  • ELECTRONIC PROGRAMME GUIDE (EPG) – Electronic Program Guide
  • GUEST CONNECTIVITY PANEL – an easy way to connect a guest device to your TV
  • HIGH SPEED INTERNET ACCESS – high-speed Internet access
  • HOTEL INFORMATION PAGES – information about hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • HOUSEKEEPING – status information is always up to date
  • MARKETING MESSAGES – MESSAGE SERVICE details and special offers – the most intimate way to send a guest to a message
  • MOVIES – Movie Collection “Video on Demand”
  • PMS LINK – integration with PMS, Account Viewer
  • RSS/XML FEEDS – Integration with live news feeds
  • SMARTPHONE APPLICATION – hotel information on guest’s mobile devices
  • TV MAINTENANCE – work under permanent staffing
  • WAKE UP SERVICE – an alarm function
  • WELCOME SERVICE – welcoming guests at the guest’s residence

Otrum Evolution

Otrum Evolution thanks to its wide functionality and ease of use has just won the popularity of hotel owners.

The corporate interface will enhance the reputation of your hotel or the entire network.
Extensive opportunities to distribute hotel special offers or other information allow you to be in touch with the user even behind closed doors. Integration with the Property Management System (PMS) system will allow you to control the account and simplify the order of paid content. Hotel TV or hotel information pages allow guests to quickly get acquainted with leisure opportunities, making the stay as pleasant as possible.

System functions:

  • Bundling – special Offers for Ordering Paid Content and Internet Access
  • Channel Sorting – ability to adapt the list of channels to the guest language
  • Child Lock – protect child content access
  • Electronic Program Guide – Electronic Program Guide
  • Guest Connectivity Panel (TeleAdapt) – an easy way to connect a guest device to your TV
  • High Speed Internet Access – high-speed ​​internet access
  • Hotel Information Pages – information about hotels, restaurants, sightseeing places …
  • House Keeping – status information is always relevant
  • Message Service – is the most intimate way to send a guest to a message
  • Movies – movie collection “Video on Demand”
  • Pay TV – access to premium sports and entertainment content
  • PMS Link – integration with Property Management system
  • View Bill – view TV Invoicing
  • Wake Up Service – alarm function

Welcome Message – welcome from the hotel when visiting a guest

Interactive television system Acentic is a powerful graphical interface for users with the ability to use corporate identity in an interactive system. Acentic offers a choice of three package of graphic solutions (Silver, Gold, Platinum) from simple use of corporate identity to custom, which takes into account all the wishes of the hotel. Project managers and graphic designers, working in tandem with Acentic, can implement the necessary graphical user interface.

Acentic pays special attention to:

  • clear corporate identity,
  • ease of navigation,
  • quick adaptation of the guest.

Using the new Content Manager II, hotels can easily program their own TV news pages with a simple click on them, which can contain information on numbers and offers.

Acentic’s core of digital solutions is the Vision Series, an interactive communications platform and digital entertainment services. This is a modular concept of services that helps as a guest (movies, internet access, hotel information) and hotel owner (polls, menus menus, conference manager, mini-bar).

The Vision system includes a number of user friendly features:

  • Developed graphical user interface (GUI) that includes welcome screen, message system, hotel information menu (replaces hotel directory), guest survey system, alarm clock and delivery service in the room.
  • Content Manager allows the hotel to change its service information, for example, when opening bars and restaurants.
  • Conference Manager allows conference organizers to submit TB registration information, detailed information about the conference and its participants. The visitor gets all the information in his room and can transfer information on the reverse channel.
  • Quick and easy access to the TV.
  • Periodic updates.

Movies on demand (more than 250 films at any time).

Quadriga — the main provider of innovative technology for hotel business in Europe. The company has 30 years of experience in the hotel sector, has implemented its solutions in more than 300,000 rooms. Thanks to the ever-growing portfolio of listeners and products of its own design, Quadriga is recognized as a leader in its class.

Quadriga is currently the leader in Europe and takes second place on a global scale. The company has 10 years experience in managing individual networks, providing Internet and digital IP systems for more than 120,000 Internet rooms.

Quadriga offers integrated TB and mobile platform solutions, Internet, network and multimedia technologies for the hotel sector, guaranteeing efficiency and opportunities for increased cost-effectiveness.

Communication platform Quadriga Sensiq – the newest multimedia communication solution for hotel business. The Quadriga Sensiq TV platform provides a powerful set of tools and applications that create a unique communication solution.

Quadriga Sensiq allows guests to interact with the hotel directly from the room, receive news on services and activities, all with the help of a portal in 25 languages. Moreover, guests can enjoy the plethora of entertainment and TV programs of the best quality.

Key Features of Quadriga Sensiq:

  1. Dynamic multimedia UI in High Definition.
  2. Tools for recognizing guest profile and delivering information in the appropriate language.
  3. Content that meets the needs of your guests and reflects the business interests of the hotel owner.
  4. Powerful promotional tools and capabilities.
  5. More than 200 kinds of on-demand entertainment.
  6. Successful HD TV Internet experience, with sound and streaming.
  7. Powerful branding tools to customize your portal.
  8. Specialists in business and design to optimize your solution.

Flexible outfitting solutions in accordance with the requirements of the hotel owner.

INGEsuite offers its customers the latest movies, TV channels, music, VOD, high-speed Internet access, and allows you to keep up to date with all the events while staying at the hotel. All of this can be realized on the TV with a fully interactive mode with an easily managed interface.

The INGEsuite is a compact and elegant solution with long service life and low operating costs.

INGEsuite is designed not only to meet the entertainment and information requirements of its customers, but also includes a number of additional modules that allow hotel owners to manage the service center in different rooms (for example, to program advertising). The INGEsuite integrates with the existing Hotel Management System (PMS).

Main benefits  INGEsuite:

  • Speed and ease of use.
  • Interface with any PMS (Opera, Prestige, Acihotel, Classone-Allar and 7 Stars, Sihot, Simhotel, Ulyses).
  • A structured cabling system (SCS) is recommended, but it can be used on objects with VDSL, coaxial cable, PLC.
  • The system is currently available in 12 languages, if necessary, any language can be easily downloaded.
  • 100% scaling.
  • Full HD resolution solution via HDMI output.
  • Ability to simultaneously view the same movie in SD 400 users on one server and a movie in HD quality of 200 users per server.
  • TB Control: Turns on automatically for any events generated by the PMS system (registration, alarms, messages).
  • The user interface is customized according to the corporate style.
  • Constant monitoring of the state of the system from the central premises.

Automatic installation of solutions.

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