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Video on request” (VOD, Video-On-Demand) – the most sought after interactive service in hotels. The client is given the opportunity to select films in real time and to control the viewing: to pause play, to rewind the content back and forth.

The review offers a large number of films in the digital quality of various genres: drama, comedy, detective, erotica, and so on. To view the movie of choice, the VOD system allows you to view the trailer for a movie (commercials) and brief information about the movie (actors, director, year of release, duration of the film, plot).

Before watching the TV, a cost-per-view message is displayed on the screen and it is suggested to confirm your acceptance of payment by entering a personal password. Watching a movie is possible at any time, and it does not depend on whether someone watches this movie.

The billing system automatically includes the cost of this service in the account of the client. At the request of the owner of the hotel, individual tariffing can be adjusted – differentiation according to the cost of the apartment, the time of order, etc.

Technically, the VOD system is a modular, scalable system, consisting of video servers, storage servers and switches. The system allows you to increase the disk space of the video content store and the number of streams. The video server is characterized by a high average time between failures. All system components have redundancy.

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