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Omnitec Systems (Spain) – a European manufacturer of equipment for hotels, produced under the brand «Omnitec». The main goal of the company is to provide high-quality service for hotels. Omnitec has carried out more than 5,000 installations of equipment worldwide. The motto of the company is: “Full complex for a reasonable price”. It is the high quality products and flexible pricing policy that helped Omnitec win the success and trust of the hoteliers around the world.

Rulers of hotel locks companies Omnitec

a series of Gaudi (Gaudi Mifare and Gaudi Fit In), the Activa Mifare series, the Lockers series (for gyms, swimming pools)


Hotel Locks Gaudi Omnitec

Hotel locks of the Gaudi series have a neat appearance and modern design, which makes them ideal for any interiors and hotel classes.

Gaudi Omnitec

Advantages of hotel electronic locks Gaudi Omnitec:

  • Type of cards used: contactless proximity cards MiFare, frequency 13.56 MHz Hertz
  • Mortise lock Euro (with anti-clipping latch)
  • Anti-panic function (opening of the deadbolt from the inside when the handle is pressed in case of quick exit)
  • The sensor of the open door (the signal is issued in case of incomplete closing of the door)
  • Memory for 1000 events
  • Unlimited number of users (hotel staff, guests)
  • They work on 4 AA batteries, the service life is 3-4 years (30,000 operations)
  • Non-volatile E-PROM memory (information is stored even without batteries for 10 years)
  • Availability emergency emergency cylinder for emergency opening
  • High-strength anti-corrosion PVD coating (500 hours in a salty, moist environment)
  • Light and sound indication – battery discharge, Do Not Disturb function, error message
  • Any pen to choose from (handle also can be provided by the customer)
  • Water resistant
  • Warranty 5 years


General information about hotel locks

The hotel (hotel) electronic locks system performs not only the functions of opening and closing doors, but also provides convenience for guests and staff, the prestige of the hotel and a high level of security.

Hotel (hotel) electronic lock can be branded with the hotel logo.

The most popular are hotel electronic locks, which work with both traditional magnetic and proximity cards using non-contact technology.

Each lock contains an event memory buffer that stores information on an average of 250 lock openings, including the date and time of opening the lock, the owner of the card (key).

As an identification contactless carrier, the plastic card is mainly used, as well as other types of media such as a key chain, a bracelet, etc., on which the hotel logo is placed.

As a rule, the electronic door lock for a hotel room includes:

  • overlay with card reader,
  • mechanical part of the castle,
  • two keys for opening the mechanical part,
  • mate response,
  • keyhole,
  • The strap, which is inserted into the box, for the mechanical lock and helps to avoid deformation of the box.

Widely distributed networked hotel access control systems with wired and / or wireless communication. Information on access rights in such systems is linked to an identification card that can be reprogrammed.

Today, the hotel access control and access control system, which is built on the basis of controllers, is becoming increasingly popular, to which an electronic locking device is connected. These systems are networked, information about access rights is assigned to the access controller, and not to the card. In such systems, flash-memory cards with fixed code are usually used.

The standard hotel lock system consists of a network controller to which a wall corridor panel is connected-an identification card reader with an access card, an energy-saving pocket-a network reader that is located in the room corridor and informs the controller that the cardholder is in the room. In the controller there is an output of control of the electric strike, several information inputs and outputs.

Hotel locks (hotel locks) have the following advantages:

for guests:

  • Guarantee a high level of comfort and safety;
  • technology “one key” allows you to open all the premises allowed for access (swimming pool, gym, etc.);
  • possibility to implement the Do Not Disturb function;
  • to open the output one tap of the handle is enough.

for the hotel:

  • protected media;
  • vandalism protection;
  • authorization in the system when issuing cards;
  • the record of the opening of the lock, including when opened with a mechanical key;
  • A simple and convenient procedure for settling guests;
  • Integration with the hotel’s automated hotel management system (PMS) and vending machines;
  • the possibility of collecting statistical data (accounting for the frequency of use of hotel rooms);
  • accounting of working hours and control of personnel movement (for example, according to the technology accepted in the hotel, the maid should have the right of access to any of the rooms only once for cleaning purposes);
  • energy saving (for example, when there is a signal to open doors, automatically supplied power for various equipment in the room – lamps, TV);
  • Quick card cancellation procedure in case of loss.

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