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Video walls

Video wall in the lobby or in the restaurant will certainly make a pleasant impression on the hotel’s guests. Video wall have a modular structure and consist of a necessary number of monitors that are interconnected and function as a single screen. To date, one of the most effective technologies of video wall construction are liquid crystal display (LCD) displays.

A small depth allows the video wall to be installed in almost any place, and narrow inter-screen gaps (3-5 mm) provide a natural and clear image when docking several panels into a video wall. Manage the video walls and upload files of various formats on it, you can set scenarios for viewing in a remote mode using Web technologies and specialized software.

The main advantages of a video wall using LCD panels:

  • high image quality,
  • the ability to assemble the screen of any size,
  • high-quality color reproduction,
  • no tedious flicker for the eyes,
  • low power consumption,
  • work in 24/7 mode.

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