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Conference service with a high level of technical equipment is an indisputable advantage of any hotel. Multi-functional and professionally equipped conference rooms  – the key to success in any targeted activities (business meetings, conferences and business presentations).

The modern conference hall is an integrated complex of the following multimedia systems:

  • scoring system,
  • video display system,
  • synchronization system,
  • video conferencing system,
  • hall management system.

Sound system consists of microphones (wired and wireless), a mixing console, a system of loudspeakers to cover the necessary zones, signal sources. The main purpose of the sound system is a uniform, legible, with sufficient loudness, the delivery of sound information to the participants in the meeting.

Video Display System is built on the basis of various visualization tools (a projector with a screen, LCD or plasma panels) and devices that switch video signals from various sources (laptop, DVD player).

Simultaneous interpretation system allows you to translate the speaker’s speech into several foreign languages in real time.

Room management system makes it possible to control all hall systems in manual or automatic mode using a common management interface.

The above systems unite and supplement conference system, which solves the following tasks:

  • regulation of the speaker’s speech time,
  • priority right of the chairman of the meeting to speak and turn off any microphone,
  • Automatically pointing the camcorder at the speaker and displaying it on the screen,
  • opportunities for registration of participants,
  • recording and recording of the results of voting and their rapid display on the screen (voting system),
  • Integration with existing systems of the conference hall, including with the videoconferencing system.

Video conferencing system – this is an effective modern communication solution that provides practical “live” communication between participants, physical remote from each other. This solution works on the basis of IP-protocol technologies for the transmission of audio and video data, for conferencing to remote parties only Internet access is required, which is provided in hotels via Wi-Fi networks.

Найкращі технічні рішення для готельного бізнесу


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