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Готельний замок OMNITEC Gaudi FIt In Code BLE

Готельний замок OMNITEC Gaudi FIt In Code BLE – сучасний замок з функціями BLE і NFC зчитувачем, що дозволяє відкривати замок...

Мобільний ключ Hoteza Mobile для готелів

Додаток Hoteza Mobile поєднує в собі можливість транслювати найбільш актуальну інформацію та вражаючі інструменти...

Готельні замки

Система готельних електронних замків виконує не просто функції відкриття та замикання дверей, але також забезпечує...

Economy of energy in the hotel. Energy-saving solution from INNCOM

Integrated room automation and energy management system from Inncom, capable of reducing energy use levels by up to 50%, featured at the opening of the new Park Hyatt Hotel in New York last week. The Inncom...

Hotels are increasing security with better technology

The technological cat and mouse game between hotels and criminals has been heating up, reports the New York Times. Smaller and cheaper cameras, smarter key card systems and communication among hotels add...

Hospitality Technology : 8 trends for investment

The recently published Hospitality Technology study reveals trends and future development in the industry spurted by the increasing amount of Wi-Fi-enabled guest devices. These 8 trends summarize the...

Invisible hotel door locks VingCard

New Atura Blacktown (Sydney, Australia) has a feature that guests might skip past when they walk into their rooms for the first time. The property features Australia’s first installation of the world’s...

5 Must-Have Guestroom Technologies

As consumer technology continues to advance, hotel guests are becoming harder to please. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, guests are often armed with at least two devices —­­ be it a smartphone,...

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