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Hotel e-commerce sales management

Correct online sales management  is  one of the hotel key success factor. Modern hotel sells its rooms via various channels :
• official website ;
• mobile Site ;
• electronic booking system (Booking.com, Expedia.com, Agoda and others);
• social networks (Facebook.com);
• sales via tour operators.

In recent years the position of Booking.com became much more stronger in the market. The fee, which Booking.com requires, obviously is overstated. Tough cancellation policies, the requirement to comply with parity prices and other reasons force hotels to find alternative distribution channels. Such the channel is increasingly becoming the official website of the hotel.

Easy installation of booking module on site with instant confirmation turns it into a full-fledged sales tool. Receiving booking via the hotel ‘s reservation company pays the supplier a minimal fee . In addition , a customer who has booked on the hotel website , is becoming more loyal.

Nowadays the number of users of mobile devices has grown so that the need for a “light” version of the site became obvious. To make “mobile” users feel comfortable on your site, you need to create for them a special adapted version . This online resource contains a minimum of graphics and only the most relevant information. Ideally, if the mobile site also provides users with online booking.

Using social networks properly, you reach success. Perhaps Facebook looks the most attractive from a business point. It consolidates the most mature and solvent audience – business people who spend time on business trips, and “advanced” youth, who likes to travel.

First of all, you can register a page in Facebook. Later you can collect a certain audience to work with. By means of social networking you will support the loyalty of regular customers and attract new ones.
The complexity of e-commerce sales is that to succeed you must constantly monitor the relevance of the data in each channel sales. Situation when a client booked with wrong price, can turn irretrievable loss of the guest and his loyalty.

It a must to take into account the problem of maintaining quotas. For example , the hotel has 20 rooms , which can be sold online. Selection of all 20 rooms for each of the sales channels is a bad idea . If it will be booked on Booking.com 5 rooms, 10 – via your site and another 6 on Expedia.com, the number of reservation exceed the total number of rooms.
How can you solve this problem? In conditions of manual control there is the only way – is to “split” the quota. You analyze what portion of total reservation brings each area, and depending on this index between them share rooms . You protect against overbooking , but put yourself in front of another problem – the decline of sales flexibility .

Universal solution for managing sales channels is the system channel manager. In other words, you need only ask once actual rates and channel manager will send them to the selected channels .
Another advantage that users get – is the opportunity to work on the general quota. Channel manager keeps track of reservation  in each channel . When the number of free rooms in one of them decreases , the program reduces the quota for the remaining sites. So you insure yourself against overbooking and sell the maximum number of rooms.

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